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#Fog Catchers solving water problems in Morocco -:

# CyclocleanWater treatment: Bicycle-powered water purifying equipment

A Japanese company have developed, bicycle powered water purifying system.
You can paddle to purify water.

A unit of this technology can produce 5 liters of clean drinking water per minute from raw water. This device unit is fixed at the rear seat of a custom-made bicycle. Users can produce clean water by only working the pedals. No electricity or fuel is required. Raw water used as input can be very dirty, but should not be rotten or gassy. Sea-water is not applicable. Size measurements are W 620 x L 1,780 x H 1,100 mm. The unit weighs 50 kg.

Workout and get clean water without running cost of electricity or fuel.

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Agriculture: Converting Organic Waste into Charcoal

Another innovation from Japanese company. - Meiwa Co., Ltd.
Meiwa’s biomass carbonization technology provides solutions to waste management and agriculture, environment and/or energy at the same time.

Simply put, biomass carbonization plant is a waste recycling plant that can convert almost anything organic into charcoal (called biochar). Processable materials include sludge, human waste, chicken manure, scrap wood, agricultural residue, food waste and water hyacinth among others. As biochar can work as a natural fertilizer, soil conditioner, fuel etc.  

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