Living more with less

Life's trending, living more with less.
live more with less

“The more you know, the less you need.” — Yvon Chouinard.

Living good with less stuff, most will disagree but could we take dig on the idea, a
nd the first question, 
How less can be more satisfying than wanting or chasing for more?
From the early child hood days, we are being influenced to pursue more. We want more space, more money, more cars, more cloths, and more accessories. Everything more than other, running the race of money to get what you want and then pursue more. We want big houses, luxury cars and more.

Implementing living with less:
Give away unwanted stuff -
Cloths - 
The classic 80-20 principle applies most of the fields in life. We use 20% of our cloths 80% of times, so why kept such heavy closets, and spending more and more on unused items.
Most successful people chose to wear similar outfits regularly, e.g. Jobs with same turtle neck t shirt if observed.
Check out: 8 Reasons Successful People Are Choosing to Wear the Same Thing Every Day.
You can start by giving away all those unused cloths and start feel lighter.

Furniture, Utensils , Electronic devices -
Tables - coffee table, dining tables, study table, iron table etc. How many of it actually used all the time? can be reduced fewer no. to get more space in same house and will be a less need to pursue for bigger house. DO we actually all those sets of crockery, give away things 

Clear out inessential extra items -
It is not absolutely necessary to buy extra cars, bikes when you can rent out when needed. Keep what you need and give away rest.

Gadgets -
Multiple TV sets, CD player, iPod, play stations etc. Do you really using CD player these days? you need that separate TV set in bedroom?

Save money:
This could improve savings.Think before you spend, does it really necessary? Limited no. of pairs of shoes, cloths and accessories will reduce spending and ultimately leave money in your savings account.

Earn less: If you have more savings then you don't have to earn more rather out additional efforts to earn more.

Reduces the debt: 
Debt for big house, big car and hefty EMI, Less needs implies to less requirement of money and indeed slashes out

Reduces carbon footprint:
If one could live with minimum furniture, electronic devices and avoid excess of electronic equipment like ACs, multiple cars or vehicles.
We would use minimum electricity, minimum fossil fuels
Save fuels will be equivalent to extending its availability.

Less stuff, less to maintain:
If you have less no of things to keep check, like polishing furniture, servicing of vehicles, recharge of TV sets, painting and of course cleaning. The less to bother the less to maintain.

Less worry: 
If you have 10 possessions you think about it, if you have 100 possessions(items) you have to think about 100 that would lead more thinking and tension and worry.

Less jealousy:
This is limited to individuals but could resolve jealousy factor.

More time to enjoy with kids and family:
Worrying less, working less would definitely yield more time. Time that could be utilized for family.

Global Impact:
This could impact on global demand and supply ratio. Less demand, less prices and more availability. Contribution to reducing poverty may be.
Also saving for future generations.

More on the topic -

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  1. Hey TD,

    Nice post.. living with less actually gives us more of everything.

    Nice post. Like :)

  2. Hey TD,

    Your article made me to think that what makes people to want more and more. Is it a outcome of genuine need? I doubt :)

    There is strange, ugly competition going on where people try to look better than others by all possible means. It results in endless competition. They dont event come to know that they are wasting their precious time called Life !!

    Agree with most of points excepts Earn less & Global Impacts.

    I think its good to earn more money in job that interest you :) Global Impacts - This shifts the focus from individual's ethics and values to Economics which is more complex problem and deserves lots of discussion of economical aspects.

    Thanks for article.

  3. Thank Rakesh.
    Indeed global impact is vast, at some stage one has to start thinking about it. :)

  4. There is that which is truly beneficial to our well being and that which we simply desire.

    Not wanting is peaceful, satisfying, and liberating. Happiness is found within, not from outside of ourselves.

  5. A true thing, i think sufficient accessory is enough to live a happy life. A smile, positivity and gentleness makes you a better person.
    A very good article.
    thank you

  6. Hi.. I enjoyed reading your post highly.. You have some really great content here..