10000 Hours is what you need to excel?

10000 hours success outliers

Talent, attitude, persistence what's your trait?

Talent is a great asset and most sought after trait in an individual. So being talented is sufficient to succeed in your area?
No. Talent must meet the opportunity to prove and win over. And post that would talent get frequent opportunities, no.
Talent has to put persistent efforts to create opportunities and sustain success.

#10000 Hour rule: Outliers

Form the bestseller book "Outliers: The Story of Success", author coined the rule of success; that is practice of 10000 hours.You need to put efforts of 10000 hours to become master in your field.

Author has given examples of Bill Gates, Bill Joy, The Beatles and successful violin players to match the theory in the book.

Bill Gates had privilege to computer programming in his high-school days, eventually when Microsoft founded Gates had practice of programming for years, according to author could accumulate more than 10000 programming hours.
Similar cases for The Beatles and other success examples are explained in The Outliers.  
"Practice makes a man/woman perfect" :)

Talent could be your vehicle, but you need to fuel it with persistence and direct with attitude to reach the destination of excellence, to be master.

#Tendulkar's persistence with talent - 

Wonder boys Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar were new sensation of Indian cricket at the age of 17 and 16 resp.
Both being talented, Kambli played test cricket for India around 2.5 years though he had 2 double tons and batting average of 54. He played has last test at 24.
Sachin played for 24 years, breaking almost every possible batting record.
Sachin mentioned in many interviews that  hard work and practicing his skills got him going.

So did Sachin practiced more than his peers? yes.
Did he crossed 10000 hours of practice? oh may be more. There are many evident stories of Sachin's persistence.

Sachin probably started practicing his skills at the age of 12, by his age of 23, he became the top batsman in the world.
55 days non stop - 14 year Tendulkar followed a routine in school cricket season, 2 hours practice in morning play match (4-6 hours) and 2 practice in evening. 
Coin story - After full day of practice sessions, at the end of the day his coach use to place a coin on the stump and every bowler was challenged to get Tendulkar bowled out. Even after tiring day of practice Sachin would show persistence and bat through. Legend is Sachin had retained most of the coins.

#Indian classical singers:

Indian classical singers spend a hours daily in riyaaz, practice in singing terms.
Pt.Bhimsen Joshi, left his home at the age 11 to find guru and learn classical music.
Bhimsen Joshi practiced singing from that age, his first public performance was at age of 19. Consider 4 hours practice a day could make 11000 hours to reach the stature of well received classical singer in 8 years of time.

If you are talented and not there yet, not seen the success you deserve, please don't get disappointed and count your hours.
Persistence will take talent to the the success.
Have a good day.

The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come. 

James Whitcomb Riley

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