7 Reasons Why living with less is more?

Why living with less is more?

I tried to elaborate that living more with less stuff, is rewarding, satisfying and stress free, in my previous blog post -living-more-with-lessThis post is second informative write-up on the context.

Having less stuff is not label of poverty or low standard living or it may not cite that you are out of fashion.
why living with less is better

If you have 20 dress shirts and 100 dress shirts how many people will know exactly how may shirts you have? Twenty is plenty and 100 is excess.

So living with less or minimal living is not about sacrifice, or giving up your style and leave the fashion. It's about selective living.

It's about clutter off, give up what is extra, whats not required. 
It is intentional, on purpose, not b'coz sacrifice.
It's about gaining time for your personal favorite things to do.

Get rid off things that doesn't matter, to distress you. To leave you off worry to live free.
7 reasons to try living with less

1. Healthy mind -

Less thinking about stuff you have, you need maintain and  less thinking about strive to get new stuff. Could reduce your stress levels and calm mind and healthy heart. Healthy mind to empower your thinking and get stress free life.

2.Get your entrepreneurial instincts activated -:

With less things to worry, and optimum savings you could get more time. More time to think on how to build your dream company, you have been waiting for long time.

3. Appreciate Little things with smile-: 

You would start appreciating little things in day to day life, which could make you a smiling face. You could become more flexible in day to day life style, and learn to connect to all traits of the society.
A smile on your face is vitamin to your life, long and healthy life.

4. Get real friends -: 

Minimal living could get you time to recollect and make new friends,  gaining time for your personal favorite things to do. Could make you meet real people and could make you happy. 

5. Focus and confidence -: 

With less distracted mind in stuff, you could find time focus on things that matter. Will help you to gain back to confident yourself.

6. Joy of giving -: 

By cluttering off excess stuff, you could get the joy of giving.
Giving without adding extra load to your pocket, there is underprivileged layer in our society. Some people had to go under great efforts to buy stuff you could get it easily.
Joy of giving lets you connect and understand the value of things.

7. Great personal life -:

why living with less is better

With healthy mind, smiling face and less worries, you get more time to spend with loved ones, your relationships.
Often your kids wanted to play with you rather with the stuff you bought for them. If you could get that time, its contribution to great life.

Think and act people, have a great healthy life ahead.

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