Patterns of success: Walk that extra mile. Would you?

"I don't count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. That is when I start counting, because then it really counts. That's what makes you a champion."

- Muhammad Ali

Walk the extra mile

Walk extra mile or taking extra step, means take an additional effort in your endeavor when the measure of complete effort is achieved. 
Always do one more step extra when you finished counting.

As per Napoleon Hill, every other animal than mankind had to do a lot of extra additional efforts to survive and we think its correct.

Look at ants lift the extra of their body weight, extra than it supposed to and they do it for survival everyday. 
All living things except man has to do extraordinary stuff to survive.

Mankind can survive doing regular or ordinary stuff.

But to achieve the greater success, enjoy the luxuries that only man could have.

To achieve the great feat of achievement, respect, and success beyond luxuries; there are certain patterns, observed practices in successful people. One of that is to always walk that extra mile.

Why it is important to walk that extra mile to achieve success?

  • It is. It's natural.
  • It helps to build positive attitude, which yields positive personal trait. 
  • If you always put that extra effort, you make sure no stone un-turned and probability of opportunities in your way increases.
  • It gives individual the right to ask for more, what he deserves.
  • It is less crowded when you walk that extra mile, everybody doesn't.
  • You feel complete and satisfied with your additional efforts, you don't have regrets of missing that success without trying extra. Which is most important.
Ordinary and Extraordinary: The two words sounds so distant and make huge difference, but  literally it's just the word "extra"! You became extra ordinary when you start doing that extra every time.

Henry Ford and his Extraordinary efforts:
With his continuous efforts of years came up with new car models, which were cheaper and durable than existing cars in automobile industry. He put America on wheels with his famous model T. 
But it almost impossible to sell his cars or run his business back then.

Legal battle:
Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers, the group of auto manufacturers which hold the authority & patent over the business did not allow to sell Ford cars. 
He was rejected for license multiple times. He was attacked in newspapers and a lawsuit, to force him quit.
But Ford worked out every possible thing he could do to run his business and fought a battle in court and won with his persistence leading to revolution in auto industry.

Racing his Car: 
Mr. Ford challenged country's top racer Alexander Winton and eventually beat him. Ford was not professional racer but he walked that extra mile, to race in car he made against top car and top racer.
With the publicity he got  made him possible to raise funds and start car production.

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10000 Hours is what you need to excel?

10000 hours success outliers

Talent, attitude, persistence what's your trait?

Talent is a great asset and most sought after trait in an individual. So being talented is sufficient to succeed in your area?
No. Talent must meet the opportunity to prove and win over. And post that would talent get frequent opportunities, no.
Talent has to put persistent efforts to create opportunities and sustain success.

#10000 Hour rule: Outliers

Form the bestseller book "Outliers: The Story of Success", author coined the rule of success; that is practice of 10000 hours.You need to put efforts of 10000 hours to become master in your field.

Author has given examples of Bill Gates, Bill Joy, The Beatles and successful violin players to match the theory in the book.

Bill Gates had privilege to computer programming in his high-school days, eventually when Microsoft founded Gates had practice of programming for years, according to author could accumulate more than 10000 programming hours.
Similar cases for The Beatles and other success examples are explained in The Outliers.  
"Practice makes a man/woman perfect" :)

Talent could be your vehicle, but you need to fuel it with persistence and direct with attitude to reach the destination of excellence, to be master.

#Tendulkar's persistence with talent - 

Wonder boys Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar were new sensation of Indian cricket at the age of 17 and 16 resp.
Both being talented, Kambli played test cricket for India around 2.5 years though he had 2 double tons and batting average of 54. He played has last test at 24.
Sachin played for 24 years, breaking almost every possible batting record.
Sachin mentioned in many interviews that  hard work and practicing his skills got him going.

So did Sachin practiced more than his peers? yes.
Did he crossed 10000 hours of practice? oh may be more. There are many evident stories of Sachin's persistence.

Sachin probably started practicing his skills at the age of 12, by his age of 23, he became the top batsman in the world.
55 days non stop - 14 year Tendulkar followed a routine in school cricket season, 2 hours practice in morning play match (4-6 hours) and 2 practice in evening. 
Coin story - After full day of practice sessions, at the end of the day his coach use to place a coin on the stump and every bowler was challenged to get Tendulkar bowled out. Even after tiring day of practice Sachin would show persistence and bat through. Legend is Sachin had retained most of the coins.

#Indian classical singers:

Indian classical singers spend a hours daily in riyaaz, practice in singing terms.
Pt.Bhimsen Joshi, left his home at the age 11 to find guru and learn classical music.
Bhimsen Joshi practiced singing from that age, his first public performance was at age of 19. Consider 4 hours practice a day could make 11000 hours to reach the stature of well received classical singer in 8 years of time.

If you are talented and not there yet, not seen the success you deserve, please don't get disappointed and count your hours.
Persistence will take talent to the the success.
Have a good day.

The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come. 

James Whitcomb Riley

Why we need frugal innovation today.

Frugal Innovation:

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ” ― Pablo Picasso

What is "Frugal"?

Frugal implies "simple and plain and costing little".
Frugal innovation suggest to simply develop or innovate products and services with optimum resources that reduces the cost of the development, reduces the complexity; resulting in reducing product prices and product maintenance cost.


In today's modern world we often look up to next big, flashy products. Every next new product is costly with extension to existing features.
With every passing day,superlative researches are being done, technology has been changing rapidly.
And we are seeing more and more superficial  products, but with increasing price tag.
With such great advances in technology present world, why can't we have better, sustainable products in low price?
Do we really need driver less cars or we need some simplistic affordable solutions to prevent accidents and traffic jams?

When Henry Ford came up with his innovative model T or A cars, it was not to produce high cost product, but to provide low cost product to every American household. Created revolution.

Frugal innovation focuses on thinking out of the box, and work more agile way.
It is observed that frugal innovation is most successful in areas under developed where unavailability of resources is common issue. Widely referred as "jugaad -जुगाड़ "
In India it is mostly observed in rural areas, people innovate to solve day to day needs and challenges.
While urban India is using on high profile global products in high economy.

There are many successful examples of products in developing countries like India, China.
Here are 3 examples of superlative low cost solutions, that did not happened in developed super power nations.

#India's Mars Mission:

India's much discussed mars mission achieved in fraction budget of developed countries. How they did it? Talent and approach by ISRO scientist.
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#Generate Water out of air in Peru:

This South  American country has developed advertising billboards,that gives water everyday. Simplified approach with available humid conditions.

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#Kenya: No google maps, no car sensors to resolve traffic:
Nairobi is one of the most congested cities in the world. A mobile company with the help of IBM researchers and data analytics, helps to resolve traffic congestion by 20-30%.
It does not uses costly camera or sensors, rather uses low cost web cams.

Benefits of Frugal products -

  • Meet the needs of masses. 
  • Develop local and thus help in grooming local economy.
  • Developed with minimum raw material, less use of natural resources thus preventing major loss to the natural resources.
  • Simpler to use.
  • Saves money and impact inflation.
  • Less carbon footprints
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5 reasons you should take a road-trip

5 reasons you should take a road-trip

Most of us like travelling like I do. We enjoy travelling to places and the most loved mode of travelling for me is taking road trips.

Here are reasons you should take a road-trip -
5 reasons you should take a road-trip
Hill Country
# Get Flexibility:
  • You can be more flexible in taking your car down the road to a destination.No timetables, no schedules, you don't have to wait for that cab to station or airport. And again wait there. No wait. No nothing.
  • You can take the route whatever you want, and you can plan you journey your terms.
#Be Random, Spontaneous and get a break:
  • You could be spontaneous on a road trip. You could spot different places on the way and stop there to check out, simply.
  • You could meet fellow travelers, take short breaks, you could meet people on the way, who could guide you to more exciting stops, eateries on the go.
  • You don't get to told by anyone on anything.
  • And you need a break from all that routine.

  • Road trips are fun, with the music in car of your choices. You could spot landmarks and feel the breeze on the road. it's fun with the music and people you love to travel with.
#Different local foods and adventure:

  • You get to taste different and new local foods on the go. You meet local people and learn about their life. You could get chance to observe a different life may be live it for a while.

#you are not getting any younger:

  • The most important reason to go on a road trip, is to get experience in you life.
  • You may face challenges on road trip that you don't get in your routine professional life. It could be physically tiring as well.
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3 top brands, epic fails and lessons to learn.

Lessons we can learn form big giants in their respective fields.How a time and a trend could impact you irrespective of your present situation.

Probably everyone once had a Nokia phone. Nokia ha a history of  huge popularity and great handsets with a sheer dominance in market.
What happened? - Apple and android crushed it?

In recent speech from CEO he quoted, “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. 

Mostly Nokia was a trusted brand and people looked at it as a quality product. By 2010 iPhone and Android came up with touch screen, ease of use, storage, media and share feature, surpassing Nokia phones.
Nokia known for their sturdy handsets and durable technology phone lost to brittle touch screen phones, and they missed out the fast changing trend.

The advantage you have today may be surpass by the change tomorrow, if you don't learn to adapt, you may thrown out of the competition.

Lost to their own fear.
Kodak is well known photo-camera company, most commonly known and used cameras in last millennium.
Pioneer of the digicam, couldn't sustain the new change they started.

Although Kodak developed a digital camera in 1975, the first of its kind, the product was dropped for fear it would threaten Kodak's photographic film business.
During 1980s Kodak had a time window of 10 years to take a lead in DigiCam business, but their market research failed to realize the future and rather focused on their existing photo-film business.


In recent time yahoo sold out for much lesser price than earlier offerings to it.

Very popular in late 90s and early 2000s. Yahoo messenger, chat rooms, yahoo search and yahoo mail were prominent product of yahoo in late 90s.
Yahoo failed to capitalize on these, failed to acquire competitors when offered cheaply and failed to identify customer mindsets, provided opportunities to competitors.
Search - Early 2000s yahoo included third parties for search, while developing its own. Giving ahead to the competitor.
Charges vs Free - Yahoo decided to charge to customers for services where google started with all free, diverting large customer base from yahoo to google.
Rest is history now.

Take away lessons:

#Change is certain and you have to adopt it, in order to be part of the competition.

#Prepare for future,irrespective of your present situation, you have to prepare for future to survive.

#Keep eye on competition, irrespective of your position, strengths and your hold; you have to keep looking what is in competition and be on your toes all the time.

#Don't fear of change and taking risks - despite you current stable position change in inevitable and fearing it could lead you to failure.

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5 Best biography movies

5 best biography movies 

Movies most common factor of entertainment. Its a medium to meet our fantasies and fun. Along with entertainment and movies are influential in our life-style.
Interestingly movies could be motivational, here's list of  biographies that could make your day.

#Schindler's List:
The film relates a period in the life of Oskar Schindler, an ethnic German businessman, during which he saved the lives of more than a thousand mostly Polish-Jewish refugees from the Holocaust (Mass killing of Jews by Hitler) by employing them in his factories.
A member of the Nazi Party, Schindler lavishes bribes on german offcials to set business.
Schindler maintains friendly relations with the Nazis and enjoys wealth.
Schindler hires Jewish workers because they cost less. Over the period of time, Schindler changes focus from money making to saving the life of Jews after witnessing mass murder by Nazis. Schindler makes a list - "Schindler's List " of about thousand people to be transported to his home town, where he plans to open a factory and pays to German officials for taking these people instead of transferring them to concentration camp.
Shot in black and white, master class photography and camera work. Spielberg won Oscar for directing.
Watch it for brilliant film making and a moving story.

Directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg 
Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler.

#Cinderella Man:
Set in the era of great American depression, inspired from life story of boxer James J. Braddock. James J. Braddock is an Irish-American boxer from New Jersey, formerly a light heavyweight contender, who is forced to give up boxing after breaking his hand in the ring. This leads to income shortage to Braddock.
As the United States enters the Great Depression, Braddock does manual labor as a longshoreman to support his family, even with his injured hand. Unfortunately, he cannot get work every day. Thanks to a last-minute cancellation by another boxer, Braddock's longtime manager and friend, Joe Gould, offers him a chance to fill in for just one night and earn cash. The fight is against the number-two contender in the world, Corn Griffin.
Braddock continues to get chances and wins fights against young boxers to contest for heavyweight championship.
On June 13, 1935, in one of the greatest upsets in boxing history, Braddock defeats the seemingly invincible Baer to become the heavyweight champion of the world and inspiration to American people.

Actor: Russell Crowe
Director: Ron Howard

#Catch Me If You Can
Film based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr, who, before his 19th birthday, successfully performed cons worth millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot, a doctor, and a Lawyer. His primary crime was check fraud; he became so experienced that the FBI eventually turned to him for help in catching other check forgers.

Frank Abagnale is currently a consultant and lecturer for the FBI academy and field offices. He also runs Abagnale & Associates, a financial fraud consultancy company.
With great actors and director involved, truly intriguing movie.

Directed by Steven Spielberg 
Stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank and Tom Hanks as FBI agent.
Schindler's List 

#The Pursuit of Happyness:
The amazing story of struggle of businessman  Chris Gardner from being homeless to rich.
A struggling salesman attempts to change profession to become stock broker. Nearly a year of being homeless with a 5 year old son and non-paying job. Chris works out to win the job from several contestants.

Superlative performance by Will smith and Jaden smith, amazing storytelling and script of the movie makes it unforgettable.

Will Smith as Chris Gardner

Directed by Gabriele Muccino 

Life story of William Wallace a scottish warrior who led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England.
When his secret bride is executed for assaulting an English soldier who tried to rape her, William Wallace begins a revolt against King Edward I of England. 

Epic war film, with true story line and outstanding performances.

Directed by and starring Mel Gibson

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Living more with less

Life's trending, living more with less.
live more with less

“The more you know, the less you need.” — Yvon Chouinard.

Living good with less stuff, most will disagree but could we take dig on the idea, a
nd the first question, 
How less can be more satisfying than wanting or chasing for more?
From the early child hood days, we are being influenced to pursue more. We want more space, more money, more cars, more cloths, and more accessories. Everything more than other, running the race of money to get what you want and then pursue more. We want big houses, luxury cars and more.

Implementing living with less:
Give away unwanted stuff -
Cloths - 
The classic 80-20 principle applies most of the fields in life. We use 20% of our cloths 80% of times, so why kept such heavy closets, and spending more and more on unused items.
Most successful people chose to wear similar outfits regularly, e.g. Jobs with same turtle neck t shirt if observed.
Check out: 8 Reasons Successful People Are Choosing to Wear the Same Thing Every Day.
You can start by giving away all those unused cloths and start feel lighter.

Furniture, Utensils , Electronic devices -
Tables - coffee table, dining tables, study table, iron table etc. How many of it actually used all the time? can be reduced fewer no. to get more space in same house and will be a less need to pursue for bigger house. DO we actually all those sets of crockery, give away things 

Clear out inessential extra items -
It is not absolutely necessary to buy extra cars, bikes when you can rent out when needed. Keep what you need and give away rest.

Gadgets -
Multiple TV sets, CD player, iPod, play stations etc. Do you really using CD player these days? you need that separate TV set in bedroom?

Save money:
This could improve savings.Think before you spend, does it really necessary? Limited no. of pairs of shoes, cloths and accessories will reduce spending and ultimately leave money in your savings account.

Earn less: If you have more savings then you don't have to earn more rather out additional efforts to earn more.

Reduces the debt: 
Debt for big house, big car and hefty EMI, Less needs implies to less requirement of money and indeed slashes out

Reduces carbon footprint:
If one could live with minimum furniture, electronic devices and avoid excess of electronic equipment like ACs, multiple cars or vehicles.
We would use minimum electricity, minimum fossil fuels
Save fuels will be equivalent to extending its availability.

Less stuff, less to maintain:
If you have less no of things to keep check, like polishing furniture, servicing of vehicles, recharge of TV sets, painting and of course cleaning. The less to bother the less to maintain.

Less worry: 
If you have 10 possessions you think about it, if you have 100 possessions(items) you have to think about 100 that would lead more thinking and tension and worry.

Less jealousy:
This is limited to individuals but could resolve jealousy factor.

More time to enjoy with kids and family:
Worrying less, working less would definitely yield more time. Time that could be utilized for family.

Global Impact:
This could impact on global demand and supply ratio. Less demand, less prices and more availability. Contribution to reducing poverty may be.
Also saving for future generations.

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