Practical benefits of let life be unfair.

allowing life to be unfair

There would be very few people in the world who lived life the way they planned. Things don't happen the way you planned every time, some times life treats you unfair.
Allowing life to be unfair is OK. You certainly can't control everything so you have to learn to take it forward from what you have.
And unfair results could be great teacher and boost to future success.

# Chance to explore new Opportunities:

When you rely on certain results and you didn't get fair results of it. Whether its a job promotion or business deal. Or personal relationship, no matter what efforts you put in and sometimes you get negative response and that what we called life's being unfair.
And what to do post that?
Focus on taking advantage of bad situation, capitalize on negativity to get positive results in future.
Nothing will turn overnight for sure, but one has to shift focus to new opportunities.
Whether its a new job, there are always job openings, new business venture or looking for new relationship.
As they say there are 26 letters , if plan A doesn't work make B,C, D, .... Z.
There are practical examples of people we can consider; as they quote,

Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.
~ Mike Tyson

Ability to convert difficulty to opportunity is the most difficult trait you can obtain and everyone don't possess it.
life is not fair

# Roller-coaster:

There is no fun if roller coaster don't have drops and highs. It makes only fun to rise high when you got drop and that increases your speed also.
Otherwise it would be a boring flat track journey.
If you adapt to fall, unfair results if you are able to find a joy in it, then you develop a strong fearless persona, which indeed is a going to yield you super success.

# Chance to Improve your strengths:

It is a chance to improve your strengths, when your opponents are in impression of your failure.

# Raise your limits:
You would be only become as strong as when you need to be. You could realize  your maximum potential when you don't have any other option.

# Aspects of Happiness:
There are many other aspects of happiness over material success. Unfair results helps to assess personal and professional relationships. It will help you to work under odd situations.

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