Are you living your childhood dreams?

Are you living your childhood dreams?

Most of the readers might have seen videos or read book on the "Last Lecture" given by Randy Pausch.

This post is inspired from Last lecture.
And wants to try to elaborate how easy or difficult is it to live your childhood dreams?
Will try to remind you what are your childhood dreams and have you lived it yet or not.

Every one would agree childhood days are the best days of our life.

But back then we all dreamt of doing or achieving certain things when we grow up.
We could have many dreams such,
performing like a  rock star, 
Or be a mechanic,
Or be a teacher, 
Or play for national team in any sport that the individual likes to play
Or to be an actor.
Or swim in a lake.

We dreamt of getting things we thought we would do when we grow up, be independent and able to what our mind wants to.

Most of the time what we dream of is related to our happiness, what would make us happy like driving to different destinations with good music and lovely people.

Most of these things we plan to or dream about in childhood, becomes irrelevant when we grow up. That is a harsh reality.

Childhood dreams are modest, sometimes impractical and may be outrageous but honest and easy, related to joy one could get.
But its free independent mind with curious imagination.

How many of us remember childhood dreams in their 30s or late 20s? 
How easy or difficult it is to achieve and live your childhood dream?

Easy -

Suppose I had a dream; wanted to buy a car and learn to drive and wanted to go places by the road.This dream was moderate when you live in middle class household in country like India.

But its simple you could take out some saving from your pay and in couple of yours you could buy a car. The purpose would be solved.

Difficult -

Well a kid dream of having a car. 
He/she would not know anything like BMW, Audi or Honda brands of car.
Now If I say I had a dream to driving in Ferrari or BMW and that is only going to give me happiness I thought then it would be outrageous to me or not honest.

The liking is to drive down the road, see new places and have fun.

Now having no money to buy BMW and grudge it over and stop enjoying what you have would make it difficult. Definitely.

Is trends, unnecessary competition complicating simplicity of our dreams?
Mostly yes. Everyone would laugh at person when someone says buying some cheap car is dream and praise a person who says buying a Ferrari is a dream.

People tend to buy expensive stuff to outsmart or out-stand from others. And wanting to buy more expensive stuff makes it more and more expensive.

The message we want to convey is life is simple and you can be happy achieving you have dreamt when you were innocent.

Professional dreams vs personal dreams:
Most of our childhood dreams are personal, about ourselves and things to do which would give joy.

By the time we land up in career, profession we set up new dreams.

New dreams to achieve certain things that would match our professional status quo.
Or satisfying the stay in or winning the race kind of dreams.

It could be matter of perception, but I think we have limited time on earth and we are not certain how much time we have.

It doesn't matter if you could not play for national team, but playing that sport is a joy play it for local club.
So living now is more important; than think to start living when you reach certain milestone.
Enjoy your time the best possible way you could, Because it is limited and you never know until when.

Thank you.
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